Sunday, August 10, 2008

ItzMyBlog Announced Manoj Bajpayee's Blog

NEW DELHI, 10 August
Get ready to welcome one more personality from the tinsel town to the world of blogging. Now, Manoj Bajpayee alias Bhiku Mhatre of Satya fame is all set to make his foray into the blogsphere with his blog - He has started his maiden blog post on a very fair note. The first post on his blog is an attempt to clear air which followed the controversy over change in the spelling of his name. Taking a lighter note, Manoj has written on his blog, "I believe that people would have enjoyed my role as Satya even if my name had been an Idiot. They would have said things like," Oh..!! Idiot rocked in Satya" and "Look, Idiot managed a National Award for Pinjar". and he could even do a comic role in ‘Money Hai To Honey Hai’. What is this controversy all about?"

Manoj Bajpayee has honestly admitted that he is no computer geek, but is now trying hard to catch up with the new technology trends. While shooting for his upcoming film ‘Acid Factory’, he learnt downloading music from Fardeen Khan. Since then he has been busy downloading his favourite numbers and enjoying them.

Talking about what prompted him to start his own blog, Manoj said that blogging is for perspective for me. This would help me organising my thoughts and ponder over the big issues. If the blog belongs to an actor, its only natural that it would be used to promote his films. Even here, Manoj is not hypocritical. He candidly admits that he would try to promote his films through his blog. He writes, "its not possible to keep away from promoting my films if I write a blog. As a selfish actor, I would request everybody to watch Money Hai To Honey Hai. My next film Jugad relates to the Delhi property sealing controversy, don't miss it either."

Interestingly, his blog maintained by will have some posts in Gujarati and Marathi as well, apart from Hindi and English. Manoj says that he will write in both Hindi and English languages, however the first post will be in Hindi as it is his mother tongue.

The trend of writing blogs is catching up in Bollywood these days and Manoj Bajpayee is new addition to the list of the blogger stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Amir Khan, Ramgopal Verma, Shilpa Shetty and others. However, Manoj wants to set himself apart by writing his blogs in Hindi as well.

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